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Callum Bradley

Meet Callum – 3D Designer and Artworker

Callum Bradley is a 3D Designer and Artworker and has been part of the Dufaylite team since 2013. He is responsible for designing new products for customers, using Dufaylite’s unique recycled paper honeycomb.

“I joined the Dufaylite team in July 2013, after studying Product Design at Brunel University, and work on both Ultra Board and Envirolite products. I create production files for either completely bespoke items or our standard Dufaylite products and guide the design of these products to ensure they are feasible and appropriate for the brief.

On a typical day, I create either cutting or printing files according to a customer’s specifications and prepare these for production on company machines. I also provide proofing documents for customers to review the work we’ve done before we put it into production.

Ensuring that a design will work first time can sometimes provide a good challenge, as my production files need to be perfect for the design to work correctly. This requires a good awareness of the production process alongside a keen eye for design.

The company works as one team to help customers get the product they need and each member of the team is vital to providing insight and help on each project.

I love creating new bespoke designs for our customers using our unique honeycomb material. For Ultra Board, we focus on providing designs that are meant to be interacted with by people and products, using high strength-to-weight materials. For Envirolite, we focus on protecting a product with minimal material, using the cell structure of the board to maximum effect within minimum weight.

My vision for Ultra Board is to create more exciting designs to continue to encourage customers to move away from costly and non-environmentally friendly products, and start using full recyclable display units. For Envirolite, I am looking forward to exploring new manufacturing techniques and connection methods to create more efficient packaging for both new and existing customers.”

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