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New 3D honeycomb board launch

Something different for POS, retail and exhibition displays, signage and more

Answering the market demand for a stronger paper board product for 3D applications where competitors have upped their prices, we’ve specially developed a new 3D range with a much smaller honeycomb cell size. This is exciting stuff as it allows us to create a lighter board than alternative corrugated-centred products.

Stronger, more lightweight and requiring less paper to produce than corrugated-centred ranges, 3D offers the eco-friendly benefits that are expected by leading brands across the country.

Made from a 100% recycled paper honeycomb core, our 3D is an extremely versatile solution, enabling customers to achieve complex designs and structures, with an added strength and durability. Its super lightweight qualities also allow the product to be transported with ease and lend itself well to high quality print, making it the perfect choice for 3D applications, furniture and exhibition stands.

The new internal cell size in 3D also allows for improved, more precise v cutting, with the smaller honeycomb allowing a smooth cut that reduces the amount of manpower required for 3D application finishing.

For more information about our new 3D range, give our team a call on 01480 215000 or email ultraboard@dufaylite.com.